Since I was a kid my heart has always beat for all things land + country. So when Maggie's mom Debbie called me this past summer to be her daughter's potential photographer and she described the type of evening it would be... I begged God to let this one be mine. In the heart of Kentucky I drove through rolling hills and passed fence after fence. Finally, I arrived to Farm Dover and as the rain beat down on my windshield, I prayed a quick prayer to a.) let the weather clear and b.) that the couple would be easy going through it all. Lo and behold I actually was given both--an incredibly low key and patient bride and groom AND the rain cleared, allowing them to carry on as planned to be married in front of Maggie's parents' cute yellow cottage next to the farm house. I would love to be able to tell ya'll about ALL the love that was poured in to their gorgeous day-- the flowers from Maggie's aunt, the decadent food prepared, the literal cheese CAKE, and the many hours (and months) that Maggie's parents devoted to their daughter's wedding day. Homemade blackberry jam, honey that came straight from THEIR beehives.... Gosh, Guys. You'll just have to scroll through these pictures to see a glimpse into it all. Southern. Wedding. DREAM. Those are the three words that describe this September day. Nate and Maggie, congrats you two! I am so blessed to have not only met you, but also your INCREDIBLE and talented families! (A very special thanks to my dear friend and second photographer, Chelsea Flint, for helping me capture many of these moments!)