My passion is to be able to tell your story visually in photo form. I want to not only make you happy while taking your pictures, but I long for you to be even happier once you receive your images. And while I want you to be happy with my work, I find it equally important that we fit each other's molds and that our quirks mesh and blend, so that everyone, on both sides, is all around HAPPY! That being said, let me briefly tell you my ideal weddings and in general, clients: 

*Very naturally lit venues [large windows, LOTS of natural light]; OR outdoor weddings
*Intimate (small) weddings
*Though my portfolio is largely traditional weddings, my heart skips a beat for those non-traditional, rare and unique ceremonies. 
*Couples who are willing to be adventurous and outgoing
*Couples who truly and whole-heartedly love each other because frankly, that's all that matters
*Clients who value photos, who see the importance of remembering whichever session you desire, in the essence of photo form
*Couples and clients who trust me; trust me with timing and lighting and your day, period

If you are interested, please contact me! Let's talk about what you are looking for, whether that be your beautiful wedding day, your portrait or family session, or any other ideas you may have. Let's figure out if we are a good fit and most importantly, let's book your session :) 

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