August. When summertime is dwindling down and we find ourselves dreaming of fall scents and fresh apple cider. School starts and it's hard for me to enjoy ninety degree days and the sweltering sun. But here we are, almost a month of being back to work and I'll admit, the adjustment has been challenging. The kids were with us almost 24/7, seven days a week, from June until mid August... schedules were more flexible, there were way more Zoo trips and splash park enjoyment and let's face it, every kid [and school teacher] wants summer vacation to last forever. Luckily we have been blessed with amazing caretakers while we are away and the kiddos adore them. I am still trying to find the routine from school teacher to Mom when I walk in the door, but I think we are getting there. 

This month has been great. The Kentucky State Fair was and forever will be one of my fondest memories. Pierson rode on roller coasters [mini ones, obviously] and I was shocked by his gutsy desire to go, go, go. The Ferris Wheel was terrifying and far from the simple joy's that I remember as a kid; mainly because Reese kept literally trying to jump out. She wanted to stand and jump and look over the edge! (I'm telling ya'll... this girl...) Our friends Tim and Clayton came with us and having the extra set of hands (and laughs) was soooooo appreciated. 

I had my first ever double wedding weekend a week ago- I photographed a gorgeous wedding all day Saturday and then friends of ours were married Sunday and I was blessed to photograph them as well. Asa actually officiated it [his first time] and it was so fun to be snapping photos with him in the background of them all at the ceremony. Both weddings were on the books for months and for the longest time I figured I would need to take the day off Monday from school but God gave me way more energy and endurance than I could have ever had on my own and I finished the whole work week off strong! (I'm a little proud of myself for this; working 7 days in a row was not a simple feat for me!) 

This is Reese's last month being ONE. I've had many moments watching her recently where tears flood to my eyes as I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming, but also because I miss so dearly her baby self. She is reciting and singing the alphabet, sings "Rain Rain Go Away," asks to "Go Night Night," loves her baby dolls and "horsies" and LOVES to dance. ( We may or may not be currently working on the Nae Nae). Do you ever as a parent with you could just bottle up everything your child is right NOW and keep it forever? I do. All the time. Pierson recently fell off a picnic table at our small group get-together and he landed on some concrete (WHO puts concrete under picnic tables??) He landed SO hard and I was terrified he would pop up and be gushing blood... luckily, that wasn't the case, but he does have a giant goose egg over his eye. He has been such a trooper and you would never know anything happened (ummm except the obvious knot on his face) because he has been so happy and chatty and hyper all weekend long. He has always been our strong boy and while I loved his two year old self (okay and every other stage and second in between), I am loving 3 as well. Even though it's been kind of hard (okay a lot hard), August has also been super good to us. Thanking our Creator for trusting us with these two littles to love and learn from.