Asa's birthday, Elsa's 8th birthday, pumpkin picking, Halloween, my last wedding of the season and a kitchen floor remodel. Did I mention that this month (while super sweet), was the most stressed I've felt in a LONG time?!

What started out as a slow leak from our refrigerator turned into cracked tile, water pouring through the basement's wood beams and a completely demolished floor. At first we thought Asa could fix it by moving tiles himself with the help of a friend who had experience laying floors. But then more pieces began to crack and we realized that this was it- it was time to replace the whole dang thing. Three estimates and a frazzled brain later, we went with a local company. Asa did the whole demo by himself, saving us a couple hundred dollars. Our house has never been more dusty, our wood floors haven't ever looked so dingy and I'm convinced we will be wiping surfaces for the next decade attempting to help them shine once again. After day four, the job was *done.* Oh wait... I looked down and the grout was chipping! Yes, that's right, the brand new, freshly done, beautiful grout lines were cracking and chipping. I immediately texted the contractor and we have been blessed that they were so eager to respond. They came back over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, and re-did some of the grout that needed it. Just when we thought we could get back to normal with the order of the house. We spent the entire morning Sunday cleaning, though looking back I'm not quite sure why we thought that was smart since the dust would be yet again flying in the kitchen. We have never eaten so much takeout in our lives, and I am so not exaggerating. If you know my husband then you know he's the best cook ever! Dairy Queen, Chinese, Pizza, you name it, for the last 2 weeks, it's what was for dinner. Now that November has welcomed us, I pray to God that our nights look more peaceful and our home can find some order! Oh, and no more home remodels would be GREAT.

October also looked like a long month of sleep regression. Our Babywise babe [Pierson] suddenly went from magically sleeping 10-12 hours (going to sleep on his own after being tucked in, and proceeding to sleep or at least wait, for us to get him in the morning.) Bed time in the last month looked like us going into his room 5-10x, lying him back down, and him waking 1-3 times in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. You can trust me when I say we tried everything. He wasn't ever getting out of bed, just sitting in bed and sobbing or screaming; scaring to death his sleep deprived parents. He wasn't (as far as we know and according to him), scared of anything. He wasn't having night terrors. He was just unable to fall asleep or waking and not knowing how to get BACK to sleep. Finally- FINALLY; things started looking up. My mom sent an old school tape recorder and a huge set of my old lullaby's. We stuck to his normal routine (it's been the same for THREE years) but began to add the lullaby after lights out and prayers. I've been putting him down often and I'll lay beside him and listen and flashbacks of my own childhood come flooding back. I can remember being a teeny tiny girl, listening to those same songs. I'll sit in the rocking chair in his room after we listen to a few songs, sing a song or two, and then rock in silence. While I rock I try my best to pray diligently for 3-5 minutes, often I also start to doze. He's been so wonderful to roll over and close his eyes [90% of the time] without ever needing us to come back in. I am thanking God that his pattern of extreme restlessness/anxiety/fear/whatever it was; seems to be fading. And can only pray that it continues as time goes on.  

Our kids are wonderful and we are truly blessed. While I have been royally exhausted: teacher + photographer + wife + mom = long nights and weeks in general. But Reese is turning into such a hilarious and fun little lady and Pierson has the kindest most curious soul. I wouldn't trade these moments and memories for time apart or away from them and I really do thank the Lord that He trusts ME to be their mom.

                                                                                                        Also in October: 

  • I made a homemade apple pie for my 'one pie a month' New Year's Resolution, it tasted delicious but I wish I hadn't messed up the homemade crust!
  • I baked Asa's birthday cake (chocolate cake w/ caramel, pecans and turtles) and because of it, Nestle is sending me some goodies to bake with (you can't beat that!)
  • Most of the kids' clothing in these photos are from Cruz and Q [] and we love them!