So long, September. Asa and I agree that August dragged on; the first day back to school turned into the first few weeks of being back to school and in our classrooms we were establishing norms, expectations, rules, relationships, discipline, consequences, rewards, incentives... over, and over and over again. But September crept in and snuck out as quickly as it arrived and I am wondering where in the world did that month GO? While I have a feeling my October blog post will mention (frequently) the fact that our children are taking WAY too long to fall asleep at night and needing us ten million times for more drinks of water, another song, hair to be played with, rockers to be rocked in, and tears to be wiped... well, let's just try to stay positive on this one :) 

Reese Elisabeth, you turned TWO. As I type those three letters, it still just doesn't seem possible. September 14, 2013 you decided it was time for you to make your entrance. I was impatient and restless and actually convinced myself I would end up needing to be induced with you, but then you proved me wrong, (I am sensing a pattern). You were born in a mere five hours, three days before your actual due date. This year on your birthday you were the happiest little girl I've ever seen. Your Kentucky family came, Uncle Sean and Aunt Beth joined from Tennessee, all of Mama and Daddy's closest friends and you were so giddy. You wore an adorable birthday girl dress from your Mimi and as you opened your gifts, you walked around and showed every single person each and every one. When we sang to you, your face lit up like a Christmas tree, almost like you couldn't believe all these people were here for YOU. You are big into clothes already (sorry, Dad, not sorry) and you are starting to pick out the "oooohhhhhh cuuuuuuute!" outfits. It's freekin' adorable. You are excited over your princesses and My Little Pony's, but you still love joining Pierson in playing pretend with his gazillion Hot Wheels. Your sentences continue to amaze me as do your knowledge of ALL the nursery rhymes and the fact that you can sing almost every single word in Rachel Platten's Fight Song (whaaattt?!?) Long story short, you rock, Girl. You're my little Diva, my feisty firecracker, my sweet sunshine and probably the #1 reason I will soon develop grey hair. I couldn't be more proud of you or more in love with you. Here's to 2, Baby! 

And Pierson Clive, I'm 10000% positive that I begged you to stay two forever, but can I ask the same for three?!? Three is my favorite. First of all, you have wispy long blonde hair at the moment and it kills me. My heart gushes with adoration for you, especially when I snap photos of you and I really notice it. Fun Memory: you went to Michigan with JUST me over a very fast weekend so that I could photograph one of my childhood best friend's wedding. You stayed a whole 24 hours with Pa Pa and Mimi and Uncle Nate and you had SO much fun. The six hour car ride there you were such a trooper (you even peed in a cup when I pulled off onto an on-ramp, probably not the smartest or safest move I've done but good golly you did it and we kept on truckin!') That trip was such a fun experience for me and I feel super blessed that we were able to do that AND that I had you for the sweet, sweet company! 
You have such a tender heart, dear boy. Recently while playing at indoor play place, I was at work but you were with Misty and Reese; a boy around your age followed you around and I guess he hissed in your face and proceeded to really try to bully you. They said you shut down and said, "That big boy is so mean." It was the first thing you told me when I got you from your afternoon nap and my heart just sank. When Misty told me, my immediate thought was, "Never again. I'm keeping him in a bubble. He's never going to school. He's never leaving home. He's never playing with anyone. And I am going to beat that mean boy up." I realize I can't do any of those things, but nonetheless it broke my heart and really had me shaken up for a few days. It was your first encounter with a bully and I wasn't there. I won't alway be there though, so I pray that we can teach you how to properly stand up for yourself and give you the confidence that you need so that your feelings won't be so hurt. I'm a sensitive soul myself and when someone doesn't want to be friends with me, it has the tendency to eat me alive but I'm praying that I can help show you that our identity is in Christ and that in Him, our security and confidence can be found! You are so happy and obedient, joyful and FUN. You are figuring out what it means to really be friends with your baby sister and you calling her, "Reesie CUP" and "Reesie BETH" will never get old. You'll always have each other and I pray daily that I never know a day without the BOTH of you! 

Is anyone still reading? Because it's 11 o'clock at night and I'm wondering why in the world I am still up. Really, September was beautiful. It was busy and fun but my kids still had temper tantrums and were disciplined and there were lots of moments I felt like a failure. But that's true for this month and I'm sure for the months to come. I don't want to rest in that emotion of feeling as though I failed because the truth is, I didn't. I was human and on top of Mom, I was (am) Wife, Teacher, Photographer, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Christ Follower and so much more. I wear a lot of hats. And I mess up a lot, in ALL of them, but in each one, I am so thankful for the grace that overflows.